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Welcome to our website. We provide premium website & VPS hosting as well as
offering our web development and administration services to our amazing customers.
5 GB 15 GB
Diskspace Bandwidth

Web Hosting

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$4.99 per month
512 MB 1.5 GHz
Memory CPU

Managed VPS

Featuring 24 accessible cores
A minimum of 32GB DDR3 RAM
SAS 15,000 RPM disks in RAID 10
FREE Server Management
FREE CloudFlare CDN

$14.99 per month

Our Services

We offer full web development packages.
Get in touch for a quote! Our skills include...
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile application development
  • Professional SEO Optimization

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Good servers, and nice stuff.

Very stable server, but if you are a new customer you have to contact stuff to register an account. Hope can open to register soon.

Cheap and convenient!!